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SeaClear's Brillianize Plastic & Glass Cleaner

America's #1 Rated Plastic Polish

Everything you need to clean, protect and shine all hard shiny surfaces. Our unique cleaning fluid contains no alcohol or ammonia, it's safe to use around children and pets! Brillianize leaves an anti-static, fingerprint resistant finish so you don't have to clean as often.

Clean & Polish: Use on:

Acrylic , Airplanes

Acrylite¨ , Appliances

Chrome , Aquariums

Glass , Art & Framing

Granite , Automobiles

Lacquer , Motorcycles

Lexan¨ , Musical Instruments

Lucite¨ , Photocopiers

Mirrors , Recreational Vehicles

Plexiglas¨ , Retail Displays

Stainless , Scanners

Titanium , Watercraft

Kit contains:

1 - 8 ounce spray bottle

1 - Large optical grade microsuede polishing cloth

2 - Brillianize wet/dry Instant Detailers

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